Ride Rules and Guidelines

Last updated: May 2023

At Revolution Cycling Club Incorporated, we prioritise safety and enjoyment during our rides. To ensure a positive and inclusive experience for all participants, we have established the following ride rules and guidelines.

Helmets and Safety Gear

All riders must wear a properly fitted and securely fastened helmet during club rides. The use of other safety equipment, such as gloves, lights, reflectors, and high-visibility clothing, is strongly recommended for enhanced visibility and protection.

Obey Traffic Laws

All cyclists must adhere to all local traffic laws and regulations. This includes stopping at red lights and stop signs, riding on the left side of the road, signaling turns, and respecting traffic flow.

Ride Formation and Etiquette

Maintain a steady line and constant speed. Ride in a single file when necessary, and avoid overlapping wheels with the rider in front of you. Call out and signal turns, obstacles, and hazards. Communicate with your fellow cyclists using hand signals or verbally to indicate road hazards, direction changes, or if you're slowing down. When passing, communicate with the rider in front of you and pass on the right.

Ride Types

We offer different ride types to cater to a variety of preferences and skill levels. Some rides are "drop rides," where the pace may be more intense. Other rides are "non-drop rides," where we strive to maintain a group together, and no rider is intentionally left behind.

Communication and Cooperation

Be respectful and supportive of fellow riders, regardless of skill level. Communicate any hazards, road conditions, or mechanical issues to the group. Share helpful tips and guidance to promote skill development and a positive riding environment.

Ride Preparedness

All cyclists should arrive at the meeting point on time, with their bike in good working condition. Carry basic tools and know how to fix a flat tire. Carry sufficient water and snacks, especially for longer rides.

Ride Etiquette and Courtesy

Show respect for motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists. This includes not littering, avoiding excessive or disruptive noise, and being mindful of the environment and wildlife.

Personal Conduct

Show respect and consideration towards fellow riders, volunteers, and the general public. Refrain from engaging in aggressive, dangerous, or reckless behaviour that may endanger yourself or others.

Skill Level and Group Selection

Choose a group that aligns with your skill level and fitness to ensure an enjoyable and suitable riding experience. We will provide advance notice and indicate whether a ride is a drop ride or non-drop ride, allowing you to select the ride that suits your preferences and abilities.

Ride Cancellations and Changes

Rides may be cancelled or modified due to inclement weather, safety concerns, or unforeseen circumstances. Please check our website or communication channels for any updates or announcements.

Inform Emergency Contact

Ensure someone who is not on the ride knows your route and estimated time of return.

Participation Waiver and Release

All riders must sign a liability waiver and release acknowledging the inherent risks of cycling and agreeing not to hold the club responsible for any injuries or damages.

Remember, these ride rules and guidelines are designed to prioritise safety and enjoyment for all participants. By following these rules and cooperating with fellow riders, we can create a positive and inclusive cycling experience for everyone. Any repeated failure to follow these rules may result in exclusion from future club rides.